Peter Saville

Eye catching and an elegant style of working. A style that Peter Saville carefully executes in his work. Typically his work often revolved around prjojects for fashion, art, and music.


Robert Brownjohn

Ingenious Typography that never gets old. Again another great designer worth a mention. R. Brownjohn has done work for James Bond titles (film) and artwork for The Rolling Stones among the least.

Jonathan Barnbrook

I like this guy just cos of the irony of some of his work. He often makes strong statements about war and poltics etc. And in a time like today what could be more relevant.

“Design is both a political and cultural force for change, although most designers choose not to think about the power it has.” – Jonathan Barnbrook

Ken Garland

A timeless british designer.

Luckily I had the honour of sitting in on a lecture of his and I have never been so amazed by one man. Everything he said was inspirational and moving and got you to think about things in a new and fresh way. Apart from being a top bloke, his work he did for CND was outstanding and conceptionally strong, not to mention everything else he has done over many years as a graphic designer.

David Carson

Only recently coming across his work I was immediately impressed with the aesthetic qualities of it. On the very first glance it engages you in to want to know more about it. In advertising or brand identity or even poster work this is essential i feel. David Carson couldnt do it better if he tried, not to mention his almost typographic collage style of layout which apparently ‘breaks all the rules of graphic design’. Maybe it does, maybe it doesnt but the thoughts his work provokes are often the most creative.

Is being savvy and creative wrong or should one stick to the rules…


Saul Bass

Saul Bass has always been a favourite of mine. From his flamboyant almost hand rendered typographic work alot can be achieved. His work always has a natural feel to it and therefore communicates extremely well. His designs are always foreward thinking and unique. Something that stands out is often hard to achieve but Saul Bass seems to have no problem in achieving this.