Poster Edition 2

After feedback from class its now changed to this.

Uni Work (Year 1)

Four posters I did for uni with hand rendered type and then vectorised and arrranged in Indesign.

Another Uni Project was to design 3 separate flyers on what ever stock you wanted this only requirements was they each had to be different shapes as a broadsheet and then fold up to certain requirements also. The 3 shapes were triangle, circle and square.

For the square flyer we had to choose a type designer and advertise an exhibition in a London Gallery of our choice. I choose Swiss Type Designer Max Miedinger and his Typeface Helvetica. Only two spot colours were to be utilized throughout the design of this flyer and it was only allowed to be folded twice. This is the end result-

The specifications for the triangluar shaped flyer was that it had to utilize colour and geometric shapes. We had to choose an existing company that produced bottled products and think of another use based on the shape and aesthetic qualities of the bottle. I chose Lynx and renamed it Kynx which is fictional company I made up that specialised in car polish and wax. I thought that it fitted the bottle shape and qualities quite nicely. The end flyer folds up into a 3d pyramid shape so choice of stock was important. Heres the end results-

Above : New corporate ID for my fictional company Kynx.

Below: Flyer Designs ( front and back)

Finally the third flyer which was the circular shape consisted of choosing a company from the FTSE100 and advertising a product they sold to a new and fresh audience. I choose Tesco and the Yorkie chocolate bar but re thinking its original campaign and advertising it to girls only, challenging its initial ideas and design. Colour had to be chose carefully and ‘soft’ visul qualities had to be applied. Again this could only be folded a maximum of two times. Heres what I did-