Good Old David Airey

Not only has this site got sections where you can view his work, there is also a dedicated section called ‘Advice for Design Students’ which is a really helpful and eyeopening read. Take chance of this as advice doesnt come from the greats often.

Also loads of other sections worth taking a look!


Really helpful site for vectors that might come in handy with your work. Normally they download as an .ai file aswell so fully compatible. Just check the ownership before downloading to ensure they are royalty free.

Stumble Upon

A great website in general to discover new websites through relating to your own interests etc! 

Not enough time in the world really to go through it all so check it out yourself!

Also they have versions for different platforms – iphones, ipads etc so you enjoy it on the move!

Complete Self Protection

In a world of rising violence and agression you need to be aware of how to deal with certain situations.  Last week I got jumped and beaten up, knocked unconcious and kicked round like a ragdoll. Things could of been worse- by that I mean I am still alive. This website is extremely helpful in providing confidence, skills and knowhow on how to defend yourself in a world that is not safe. What happened to me can happen to anyone at any time. I hope everyone who sees this post will look at this site. It may save your life.